Save Brackenbury

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Labour-run Hammersmith & Fulham Council are putting forward a proposal to impose a new traffic scheme, which they are branding as a 'Clean Air Neighbourhood' (CAN), on Brackenbury Village.

If this scheme goes ahead then not only will it mean an increase in congestion and pollution on our roads, but many successful local businesses will be put in jeopardy, some of whom have been trading for decades, threatening livelihoods, jobs and our local neighbourhood economy. This scheme will penalise our neighbours from Chiswick, Ealing and Kensington, and cause considerable inconvenience to visitors to our area.

Many local residents and businesses have already voiced their objection.

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Proposed traffic scheme

Please sign our petition to save Brackenbury

We, the undersigned, call upon the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham Council to discontinue their planned implementation of their so-called ‘Clean Air Neighbourhood’ traffic scheme in Brackenbury. We are concerned about the damaging impacts this scheme will have on local residents, businesses, traffic and pollution.