Xingang Wang for Hammersmith

Xingang Wang has been selected as the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Hammersmith.  He has been busy knocking on doors, speaking to residents and listening to their concerns. The Hammersmith Conservative Association is pleased to have a down to earth and dynamic candidate who takes pride in prioritising local policies and helping residents with casework.


In 2001 Xingang graduated from Jiaotong (Transport) University, Beijing and took his flight to London to undertake his postgraduate course at Imperial College London. This was Xingang’s first journey to England. He was born and raised in rural China before his education in the UK. Xingang then worked and got married in the UK, and he is now a father of three children - proving just how capable he is of managing multiple priorities with challenging demands!


Do please come along to meet Xingang!  We are based at 4 Greyhound Rd, Hammersmith, London, W6 8NX, and the office is open throughout working hours, or else you can contact us on . Xingang would love to talk to Hammersmith residents and listen to your ideas about making Hammersmith a better place for all of us.


Xingang's priorities to improve Hammersmith are to increase the number of police officers here on our streets, to continue the strong work of the Conservative Government in repairing our economy, and to fight the pollution that is blighting London's air.