Help us save Brackenbury - what local people think about Labour's traffic scheme

Local people are fighting back against Labour-run Hammersmith & Fulham Council's so-called 'Clean Air Neighbourhood'. 

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Ryan Dawes, of Dawes Paints on Trussley Road: 

"We stayed open all the time during COVID serving local people. This CAN proposal will be very detrimental to us and feels like a kick in the teeth".

John Collins, of Collins Motors on Trussley Road: 

“I have been trading on Trussley Road for 40 years. At least a third of my trade is from outside the borough. This CAN would have a devastating effect on my business.”

Ken Kilbey, Manager of the Trussley Road branch of Jewson:

"The same sort of scheme in South Fulham has lost us 17% of our takings down there. The same will happen to our Trussley Road branch if this CAN goes ahead, putting 11 jobs in jeopardy." 

John Stenton, of John Stenton Family Butchers on Aldensley Road:

“Anything that is detrimental to this area and the welfare of its people, I will oppose!”

Peter, a resident of Tabor Road:

"I’ve been resident in Brackenbury for almost 30 years. The roads are generally calm with little evidence of rat-running so the council should provide evidence to back up their proposal. Forcing vehicles to go around the houses will increase and displace the pollution. Banning visitors, tradesmen and delivery companies from our area will be highly inconvenient, damage our community, and lead to the closure of local businesses."

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We, the undersigned, call upon the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham Council to discontinue their planned implementation of their so-called ‘Clean Air Neighbourhood’ traffic scheme in Brackenbury. We are concerned about the damaging impacts this scheme will have on local residents, businesses, traffic and pollution.