Labour's budget of broken promises in H&F

On 24th February 2016, Cllr Greg Smith responded as Leader of the Opposition to the LBHF budget.

These are just some of the dodgy claims and broken promises of Corbyn’s Council that he highlighted:

  • Labour’s “Council Tax cut guarantee” broken, despite £1.5m in new revenue
  • An extra £13,000 spent on allowances for the cabinet, while claiming a “cut”
  • A new £14,000 second allowance for the Council Leader personally
  • £4.8m raised throughMoving Traffic PCNs, after claiming they were a “scam”
  • A doubling of Bus Lane PCNs in a year, enough to pay for a 1% tax cut on its own
  • £1.5m spent on a futile attempt to end council housing, with risks of up to £16m
  • A plan for pollution charging on parking permits, despite stating “no increases”
  • £170m claimed in new developer payments, but only £1.79m actually budgeted
  • An unequivocal pledge to cancel the Hammersmith Town Hall redevelopment broken
  • Fewer new homes to be built, with a broken promise on “overseas” investors
  • Millions wasted on commissions and false propaganda about Charing Cross
  • Failure to lobby for a Crossrail 2 station at Imperial Wharf
  • Filthy streets, overspending, hypocritical savings, and bogus claims on bins


You can read Greg’s speech in full at!A-budget-of-broken-promises-by-Corbyns-Council-in-Hammersmith-Fulham/c1kx9/56d6119c0cf2bc6add14e559.